Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for the overall success of the project, and coordinates design and construction activities with the design team, Construction Manager and Subcontractors.  A key role of the Project Manager is to maintain open communication between all parties involved in the project and to ensure information is distributed to the required parties in a timely manner.  The Project Manager is the direct contact for the Owner / Owner’s Representative, as well as all subcontractors on the project.  In this critical role, the Project Manager must be able to interpret complex construction  drawings and contract documents, have a solid understanding of cost control strategies, and be a confident chairperson for the many project meetings that arise during the course of the job (Design, Project Management, Utility, Environmental, etc).


Key job activities

  • Review and Approve Project Plans
  • Negotiate with Client/Owner, Sub-contractors and Suppliers
  • Develop and update Project Schedule
  • Review cost to date and update budget monthly
  • Conduct Budget review meetings with Construction Manager & Superintendent