Recyvia® Foamed Asphalt Base Stabilization

Foamed Asphalt Base Stabilization


Recyvia® is an in-place full-depth recycling process for flexible pavements

The use of full depth reclamation on deteriorated roadways saves valuable material resources, time and funding, and most of all, delivers a quality product to end-users. Eurovia and its subsidiaries have long pioneered in-situ processes, and have a high-tech FDR product, Recyvia, that can assist with roadway reconstruction needs.
BA Blacktop has used foamed asphalt technology extensively, and the list below provides a few examples.
City of Coquitlam 2010
Lougheed Central Project – Lougheed Hwy Schoolhouse Ave to Woolridge St. - 21,000 m2
Corporation of Delta 2010
72 St from Ladner Trunk Rd to Churchill St. - 9,000 m2
City of Burnaby 2011
Marine Way & Nelson Ave Roadway Improvements- 20,000 m2
Corporation of Delta 2011
80 St from Ladner Trunk Rd to North of Rail Tracks - 3,600 m2
BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure 2012
Hwy 101 Lund, BC - 10,000 m2
District of North Vancouver 2012
Sunset Blvd from Emerald Drive to Virginia Crescent - 4,000 m2
City of Burnaby 2013
Marine Way Road Upgrades – North Fraser Way to Fenwick St, -12,000 m2