Matsqui Detachment

Remediation of an existing asphalt parking lot at the CFB Esquimalt - Detachment Matsqui site. Work included excavation and disposal of contaminated materials and structures, replacement of existing underground utilities, sub-base & base preparation, installation of underground electrical conduit, concrete barrier curb & gutter, concrete pads, decorative landscape works, asphalt milling & paving, landscape restoration and line marking.

The project involved complete install of new water mains and sanitary main. The project grew in complexity and challenges due to discovery of  unmarked electrical cables and abandoned underground fuel tanks.  We were also forced to change the design and location of the proposed water and santary mains due to the numerous unmarked utilities on site.

Site conditions were complicated as the site was in a poorly drained area that required dewatering.  The site also bordered a sensitive fish bearing stream that required protection during construction.